I generally choose to draw and paint people. I relish the challenge of portraying the variety of facial expressions and appearances people can have, dependent on their changing moods. Figuratively I am fascinated by the ever changing dynamic of the body, from the extreme and momentary discomfort of the body in tension through to the flaccid comfort of the body relaxed.

Some of my recent paintings have been a significant departure from my usual subject matter. These new paintings gave me an opportunity to place an emphasis on exploration of colour and composition while working with loose mark making and to my preferred large scale. All of my paintings are constructed using quality acrylic or oil paints on fully primed and prepared canvases. Once completed I have no wish to go back to a piece of work to 'put right' any instability issue. The black & white drawings are all directly observed from the life model and are in varied media such as charcoal, graphite stick, compressed charcoal and conté crayon. Here I have chosen to use established media for the same reason as the paintings - stability and longevity. 

Current work is a set of paintings loosely called 'Big Heads'. These are 6'x4' large scale paintings of people who figure, or have figured, significantly in my life.